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Beginner Class

The Beginners' Fundamentals class is an ongoing program for students with very little fencing experience. This class is mandatory for new fencers enrolling in an AFC program after the Introductory Class.160$ once a week, and 280$ twice a week.

In this class, students continue to work on basic fencing techniques while being introduced to new skills and techniques. The students improve their form, technique and understanding of the game of fencing through footwork exercises, partner drills and fencing with each other. Private lessons are offered and recommended at this level. Typical class structure will include warm up activities, footwork, partner drills, and bouting. Each individual class is 55 minutes long.

Fencers are required to have their own mask, chest protector, jacket and a glove to participate in this class. Please wear workout clothes with long pants (such as sweat pants) and athletic shoes. Students may choose to enroll in the Beginners' Fundamentals class for either one or two classes per week.

$160.00 Once a Week

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